Sarah Ann Thompson Gale
1st Wife of James Gale
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Sarah Ann Thompson

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Sarah & James Gale
James & Sarah Gale

14 Children of Sarah Ann Thompson Gale

  1. Sarah Mariah GALE (Mortensen)
  2. Harriet Christina GALE (Maxwell)
  3. George Henry GALE (Kartchner)
  4. Agnes Rebecca GALE
    was born on 3 Nov 1874 in Beaver, Beaver, Utah, USA. She died on 12 May 1876. Never married
  5. Olive Parintha GALE (Bloomfield)
  6. William Taylor GALE (Clouse)
  7. James Albert GALE (Warner)
  8. Reuben Ray GALE (Welker)
  9. Philo GALE
    was born on 24 Nov 1884 in Pima, Graham, Arizona, USA. He died on 24 Nov 1884 in Pima, Graham, Arizona, USA
  10. Walter GALE
    was born on 31 May 1886 in Carrolitos, Chihuahua, Mexico. He died on 6 Apr 1887.
  11. Carrie Mae GALE (Wilkins / McGrath)
  12. John Lorin GALE (Williams)
  13. Milo Thompson GALE (Merrill)
  14. Annie GALE (Arnett)

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James & Sarah Gale photo

James Gale farewell photo

James & Sarah
Family Group Sheet 1
Family Group Sheet 2

Final comments of Aunt Mae on her father James Gale in 1932, Gale Reunions, James Gale's handwriting
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In 1993 a 1,000 page updated book was printed & edited by Doris and Garth Whatcott, Charles and Laurene Arnett, Gary Foster.

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