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James Gale "Personal History"
(taken from pages 25-50 in
The Ancestors and Descendants of James Gale book)

by Mae Gale W. McGrath

The Ancestors and Descendants of James Gale

The Ancestors and Descendants of JAMES GALE
Compiled By Mae Gale Wilkins McGrath
(Today I scanned all 187 pages of this wonderful little book in PDF file format on the beginning Gale families in Western America to share with over 5,000+ descendants of James Gale and his two wives Sarah and Elizabeth.  Only a few descendants have an original copy of this book so this website makes available the genealogies and stories of these early Pioneers for all to share.  Gary Foster E-mail

Interesting articles on Cousin Marriages

The James Gale Story
Narrative for a Family Home Evening skit

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James Gale

James Gale Genealogy

Descendents of James Gale

Ancestors of James Gale

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   Ancestors of James Gale
   Descendants of James Gale

Mormon pioneer covered waqon in Arizona
Early History of the Mormon Church in Arizona

Franklin, Arizona Cemetery
(final resting place for many of our
Gale family members)
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The Franklin Cemetery is just 2.2 miles south east of Duncan, Arizona on US Hwy. 70 and approximately 3 miles north west of the New Mexico state line. After exiting Hwy. 70 to the west and crossing the railroad track, you will have to cross a wide, deep wash that may be washed out during the rainy season. The cemetery is visible from the highway.

Wives of James Gale
Sarah Ann Thompson
Sarah Ann Thompson Gale
and her 14 children
Elizabeth Ann Moyes
2.  Elizabeth Ann Moyes Gale
and her 9 children 

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The majority of the information provided on the James Gale Family came from
Laurene & Charles Arnett  
A special thank you to them from all of us.